Finally providing you with comprehensible health data

LenusChain will offer users the possibility of creating health spaces in which data of different wearable manufactures can be combined, evaluated and monitored. Using the blockchain and an integrated token economy the scope of possible applications is sheer endless.

BPM can be bought for BTC ETH and many more!


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Measurable – comparable – meaningful

Three words not too often used when using health data apps. There is so much more to it than the amount of steps you made per day. Lenus will offer a completely new holistic portrayal of health data for individuals and groups. Its next generation stuff!

Health spaces / Desktop & App

Create your own environment and use only the information that’s truthfully important to your team and cause. Every member has access to the whole team via app or the desktop application. Check progress of the others or evaluate the team effort. As always: You choose the level of data security. Why use LenusChain! Explained Easily?

Current market situation

Status: Insufficient

Every producer of wearables offers their own health app. Additionally there are apps of third parties for special leisure or sporting activities. However, each app offers kind of the same data kind of the same way. Lenus is different, by focusing on the most meaningful data for you health space and its members we are able to provide much more useful, in-depth data. How important are the steps per day for a football team? They are not. Ran distance during training is. For an elderly person its the puls and blood pressure which is important. We are adapting to the needs of each health space individually offering the most viable information.

LenusChain HealthSpace

Fully customizable

Use your company or club CI to customize your health space.

Data security

Set the data protection as you and the team wishes. The choice is yours!.

Token Economy via Smart contract

Set individual or team goals by creating a reward which can be purchased using the BPM token.

Blockchain based in app chat bots

LenusBots will identify changes and react accordingly. Ignore them or let them lead you to the cause of the issue.

X Platform

Use any wearable with the Lenus app in order to join a health space.

Remote emergency

Respond to sudden changes of the vital signs rapidly by contacting medical services instantly from anywhere in the world.

How it works

LenusChain Advantages

Create custom, individual health spaces

Set your dashboard just the way you like and need it. Choose the data and looks that are right for you!

Blockchain based

Your data securely saved on the blockchain. Give access to third parties and be sure it will never be tempered with.

Reward system via smart contract token economy

Create motivation and/or competition for individuals or teams by setting BPM token goals.

Adaptable to any team / group of people

Families, children, the elderly, employees, corporate wellness and health, professional and amateur sports clubs, school classes, college students, friends, fitness studios. The possibilities are ENDLESS!

Holistic health care approach with integrated chat bots

By offering all data and giving you the choice on which to concentrate on we are able to deliver a much more specific and holistic approach for reaching your goals. Forget the rest!

Across all manufacturers

You like Apple, your friend likes Samsung. Doesn’t matter! Lenus works cross platform.

Remote emergency alert

Be alerted when there are significant changes in vital signs of any health space member.



LenusChain is collecting currency in order to develop and implement the LenusChain dashboard (offering HealthSpaces) and the LenusChain App.

Token nature:

The LenusChain Token (BPM) will be usable throughout the LenusChain environment.

Token Type:

BPM Tokens run on the Etherium platform (ERC20).

Number of tokens:

Limited to 50.000.000 BPM (6 decimals).

Value of token:

The value of the token will be equivalent to 0.4 $.


We will be using a third party payment provider.

Token Functions

Example Lifecycle of a BPM Token:

HealthSpace is created by corporation

  • Corporate pays LenusChain for creating Healthspace
  • User receives BPMs as Bonus for improvement / maintenance of healthy lifestyle
  • User redeems reward on MarketPlace using BPMs
  • Corporate receives BPMs after deduction of a fee
  • Corporate can use BPMs to create new / maintain HealthSpaces

Partner supplies rewards to MarketPlace

  • Partner supplies goods / services as rewards on MarketPlace
  • User redeems rewards on MarketPlace using BPMs
  • Partner receives BPMs and FIAT price after deduction of a fee directly by user
    (payment is handled by third party)

Partner supplies rewards to MarketPlace

  • HealthSpace user creates BPM reward
  • BPM Reward is redeemed by user who wins competition
  • BPMs can be used in Marketplace for commerce / service by partner

Token Utility


Value Exchange


Bonus system / competition


  • Receive Rewards for maintaining /increasing healthy lifestyle
  • Receive rewards for fulfilling personalized goals




Access to LenusChain Services


  • Access to HealthDashboards
  • Fee for the redemption of personalized rewards
  • Affiliate fee for selling commerce
  • Create personalized rewards in an health space for fellow users

Advantages of BPM token:


The development of LenusChain services and the influx of new users will
create a steady demand for BPM.


BPM tokens can be obtained by positive behaviour of users.


BPM tokens serve several purposes: create competition, reward improved
behaviour and many more.


Contract Adress:


Fund Allocation

Our LenusChain Team

John Munoz

John Munoz

Chief Digital Officer

Moritz Nasemann

Moritz Nasemann

Chief Medical Officer

Rebecca Wald

Rebecca Wald

Chief Technological Officer

Mete Kücük

Mete Kücük

Chief Marketing Officer


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